Saturday, February 23, 2013

Weekend FUN ! KIDS, FAMILY, Ideas Galore

I am Planning, Are You? Spend some quality time with your Kids/Children. Here are THINGS you can do/go to, to enjoy with your Children! Take the Grand Parents along too! Will do them good.......

  • Stellar Children's Museum( Ambience Mall,Gurgaon), Great Fun learning place for Kids.
  • Go to the PARK (lovely weather).In Delhi /NCR, Can go to Lodhi Gardens/Leisure Valley Park.
  • Have a SPORTY Weekend!Play Cricket,Badminton or just Swing!
  • PICNIC, go to Damdama Lake, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, to the Parks, India Gate.
  • Visit the ZOO......Have a good time Walking as well.
  • ICE SKATING can be fun....(follow the safety precautions).
  • Visit the TOY Libraries.
  • ADVENTURE Sports...
  • Go for a DRIVE around your city.
  • Movie with Dinner....... 
One can also sit and relax at HOME and.....
  • Play Board Games
  • Solve JIGSAW Puzzles
  • COOK together
  • Plant a Tree/Water the Plants
  • Have a ORIGAMI Session
  • Read and Enact STORIES
  • Sing and Dance
  • Play DUMB Charades
  • Paint Yourself with Colors.
  • Have a PILLOW Fight
  • Play COMPUTER games as a Family!
Need any Suggestions, Deals on the tickets etc...Please post your Comments....Plan for the NEXT few Weekends/Holidays as well.Comment Below.Also Post your Suggestions.

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  1. Lovely post! Thanks for the inspiration. It has got me thinking. Keep it up!