Saturday, February 23, 2013

CARNIVAL @ Gurgaon...Must GO!

  • Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon 
    The Kunskapsskolan Karnival, an Adventure Roller Coaster promises to be a weekend of outdoor fun, entertainment and some real adventure for the entire family. From flying high on a Hot Air Balloon to Commando Crawl the event promises to be full of action.

    Don't just sit there - get involved! much more than another spectator event, the Kunskapsskolan Karnival wants you to join in on the action. The organisers have put together an action packed programme for the entire day. This unique event is designed specifically for children and a must do family experience.

    Registration available on first come first serve basis.

    Click below to register:

    The Kunskapsskolan Karnival
    3 March at 10:00
    Ground Opp. Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon


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  2. Lots of activities.....but left with dissapointment. Kunskapsskolan organisers have no ethics!They are starting a school.and are without morals themselves....