Wednesday, February 27, 2013

APPLE, IPhone, IPad, MacBookPro! DEAL on Originals!

Itching to buy that IPad, IPhone or the MacbookPro.....Here's the deal not to be missed. It's a limited period,  limited Stock Offer. Expires 11.59 pm tonight! Use the Coupon codes mentioned in the Website...and get Massive Discounts.

All Super Deal products are 100% genuine and come with the manufacturers' warranty.

Please go through the TERMS & Conditions on the Websites before buying. Coupons are limited in number and may finish before the deals end, so HURRY UP! Any comments/ queries, Please post below.


  1. The coupon code entitles customers purchasing McDonald’s products online  on McDonald’s Delivery System via Facebook to a McChicken burger /McVeggie burger free on the purchase of anything above Rs.125/-.
McVeggie Coupon: FBVG01
McChicken Coupon: FBCK01
Note: Valid in West and South India.
Website: McDonalds McDelivery .                                                  

Enjoy American Meal !Stuff  yourself up without worrying to pay too much! Unlimited Pizza, Salads, Soup, Brownie with Ice Cream. Go to the Store Online and check all the details......Do go through the Terms and Conditions.

U.S. Pizza

Pay Rs 32 now to Enjoy the Sizzling Offer:
  • Buy 1 Large Pizza and Get 1 Medium Pizza, 1 Salad & 1 Brownie Absolutely Free!
Have Any Specific Deals/ Outlets/Restaurants in mind? ASK me for Deals, Post Your Comments Below. Any other queries are Welcome.

Have Any Questions/Comments, Looking for any particular food Deals, ASK mME....

Sunday, February 24, 2013

Watch Movies @ RS. 1/- ONLY! BIG FLIX....

Excellent collection of movies at BIG Subscribe @ Rs1/- in stead of Rs.249/-, Watch them in 5 Languages :
  • English                                                          
  • Hindi
  • Telugu
  • Tamil
  • Malayalam
Also Download the Application on your IPHONE, BLACKBERRY, ANDROID and WINDOWS Phone, Tablet, Phablet.....and have fun on the GO!
Now no need to worry about expensive tickets, parking, availability etc....Watch in the comfort of your home with your family or when you are alone.No need to worry about availability or Buy Pirated copies.Get excellent DVD quality Movies.

BIG FLIX, Your Personal Blockbuster Theatre. SIT, Relax and Enjoy ! ACTIVATE YOUR 30 DAY TRIAL.

Comment Below for any Queries / Clarifications that you may have ! Have a  great Weekend!


Vision Express, The Optical company from Reliance has come back with another offer, of free EYE TEST. They keep coming out with offers every now and then and some permanent offers.BUT, remember when you go for any of their offers, be very aware of their 'terms and conditions'. Once you have had your eye test, please get it rechecked elsewhere just to be sure. They have a HISTORY of Erroneous results and are Infamous for keeping LOW QUALITY Products. So be careful for what you choose. And get your Eye test  done only when their QUALIFIED OPHTHALMOLOGIST is there and not by just any technician.

Any Queries/ Comments, Please post below. Always know the TERMS & Conditions @ Reliance/Vision express.....or you'll have problems later. COMMENT BELOW!


Last few Hours to book your tickets at the Discounted Price. 24th February is the last day to book for your travel up to 31 st December.Don't miss the Opportunity. Check out Travel WEBSITES and also Airline get the best deal.Do remember to check out the various offers.

AND yes, don't forget to be aware about the hidden details before booking.Always check for Various Charges, Payment Policies, Cancellation policies etc....ASK me for help.Comment Below!

Wish to travel and don't have the time to search, Please feel free to contact me through the comments section below and I shall find the BEST DEAL for you.

Saturday, February 23, 2013

CARNIVAL @ Gurgaon...Must GO!

  • Kunskapsskolan, Gurgaon 
    The Kunskapsskolan Karnival, an Adventure Roller Coaster promises to be a weekend of outdoor fun, entertainment and some real adventure for the entire family. From flying high on a Hot Air Balloon to Commando Crawl the event promises to be full of action.

    Don't just sit there - get involved! much more than another spectator event, the Kunskapsskolan Karnival wants you to join in on the action. The organisers have put together an action packed programme for the entire day. This unique event is designed specifically for children and a must do family experience.

    Registration available on first come first serve basis.

    Click below to register:

    The Kunskapsskolan Karnival
    3 March at 10:00
    Ground Opp. Hotel Crowne Plaza, Gurgaon

Weekend FUN ! KIDS, FAMILY, Ideas Galore

I am Planning, Are You? Spend some quality time with your Kids/Children. Here are THINGS you can do/go to, to enjoy with your Children! Take the Grand Parents along too! Will do them good.......

  • Stellar Children's Museum( Ambience Mall,Gurgaon), Great Fun learning place for Kids.
  • Go to the PARK (lovely weather).In Delhi /NCR, Can go to Lodhi Gardens/Leisure Valley Park.
  • Have a SPORTY Weekend!Play Cricket,Badminton or just Swing!
  • PICNIC, go to Damdama Lake, Sultanpur Bird Sanctuary, to the Parks, India Gate.
  • Visit the ZOO......Have a good time Walking as well.
  • ICE SKATING can be fun....(follow the safety precautions).
  • Visit the TOY Libraries.
  • ADVENTURE Sports...
  • Go for a DRIVE around your city.
  • Movie with Dinner....... 
One can also sit and relax at HOME and.....
  • Play Board Games
  • Solve JIGSAW Puzzles
  • COOK together
  • Plant a Tree/Water the Plants
  • Have a ORIGAMI Session
  • Read and Enact STORIES
  • Sing and Dance
  • Play DUMB Charades
  • Paint Yourself with Colors.
  • Have a PILLOW Fight
  • Play COMPUTER games as a Family!
Need any Suggestions, Deals on the tickets etc...Please post your Comments....Plan for the NEXT few Weekends/Holidays as well.Comment Below.Also Post your Suggestions.

TINKLE- Children,Teens, Adults and the Elderly!

"Jab main Choti Bachchi thee".....I still remember when I was a Child, It was so much fun.Tinkle was My Favourite book for so many Years....Not to mention that it still is.It's very educative,funny, serious, thrill, all rolled into ONE for Children....
And here comes a DEAL that is really tempting.....Rs.800/- for a Full Year's Subscription to Tinkle Magazine and Tinkle Digest.Some things are still very affordable today!Go ahead and enjoy reading with your Children....Stories, Information, Puzzles, Experiences....It has IT all.
When You Subscribe, Please keep a serious Track on your Order, because it comes by Normal Post....that's the only Draw back, with subscribing it. But I do, so recommend all Children, Parents, Students, Grandparents do too...Offer Valid till 28th February 2013 ONLY.

Any Questions/Queries about Tinkle, You're most welcome to Post your comments below.You won't be dissapointed for sure!


 Much needed to kick start a Good Morning.and at this price it's a steal.So go ahead and buy a few.Ask the women in the house to order for you, because on your Id you can get only one at the the Discounted price. Tradus keeps coming up with these Mega Deals where you can buy very basic stuff at heavy Discount.So what are you waiting for????

Have any Queries/ Comments, Please Comment down the Post to get a reply.....You can also put in Queries for other similar Product deals.


Friday, February 22, 2013

Exciting Lives - Moustache Straws !

Ha ha ha .......Hee hee hee....

Do you need something exciting? Children can have fun, so can you become a child.....albeit for a while and have fun and here's something that can help you.

A straw and a moustache mixed together. What more could you possibly ask for?! 

The moustache straws are so cool; your drink may actually freeze! Just run your straw through the plastic moustache and drink in style. 

» Includes 6 white straws, 6 moustaches
» Re-usable

Any Questions/Comments and Queries????? Please feel free to Comment below......Have an exciting day!

Prevent Malaria, Dengue etc.... - Use Mortein !

Buy @ Rs.21/-(+Shipping Charges)

Very basic but very essential.You can buy only one on your email Id for the discounted price, nevertheless use email ids of family to buy more!

Tradus has these Mega Deals everyday.Very small and basic items but very essential for usage in day to day life. Any other Queries/Comments, Please post them below.

Thursday, February 21, 2013


All Office Owners, Purchase/Stores Officers  and SOHO people out there.....Here's a wonderful deal for all of you @ Wonderful Discounts.Even people needing Stationary for  personal use can get great Bargains.It's a reliable website with all systems in place, great selection of products at wonderful prices.
So go ahead and make the best of it.But always Crosscheck before you buy.....

Best Price guarantee can be misleading.Always compare with other Websites before you buy and I can help you in that endeavorAny Suggestions / Queries regarding similar Websites can be posted in the Comments Section below and You will surely get a response.

Online Shopping TIPS / Precautions ! CARE.

An ardent online shopper myself, I've realized it's not so simple. With the deluge of Online Shopping sites as well as Scamsters in equal doses, one needs to be very careful while shopping online. It's bigger and better all the way, and  if you are sensible and aware, you can save a lot of money !Certain important things to be kept in mind when you are shopping online.......

  • Check and Crosscheck Prices. Even the MRP varies and is inflated/marked up, to make the percentage discount look bigger.
  • Look for Deals across sites and the available Coupons on Coupon sites.
  • Payment methods available and how to make best use of them.(Like EMI's, Credit Cards etc..)
  • Shipping and Return Charges/Policies.
  • Secure Website and Payment Gateway (Encryption is very important)
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating/feedback.
  • Delivery time/Service
  • Avoid using Shared computers/Cybercafes for online transactions (If unavoidable, log out of the site and clear Browsing History, Cookies, Page cache.
  • Never divulge personal account information.
Follow and enjoy the benefits of shopping online.If you have any questions,queries and concerns, please leave you comments below.

Post your Comments and Queries....ASK me

Please post your comments and Queries on the Comments section below,if you are planning to buy any Product(Appliances,Clothes etc....) or Service (Air Tickets, Spa's etc..)

Happy Shopping and Happy Saving !

Wednesday, February 20, 2013


Every Website has been bitten by the Airfare BUG!It's a good time to plan out and buy tickets for your domestic travel plans up to 31st December 2013.Nevertheless a few things to be kept in mind while you book your tickets and decide where to buy it from.

  • Convenience fees/Service charges.
  • Airline Cancellation Charges.
  • Website Cancellation Charges.
  • Refund Policies(time taken etc)
  • Payment Platforms.
  • Ongoing Offers.
  • Fares on the concerned Airline Website.
  • Deals by Bank Credit Cards/Mastercard/Visa etc.
  • Conditions and Limitations.
  • Facilities offered.
All the above are important considerations, keep in mind and you will notice the difference.While doing so if you have any queries or comments, post them on the BLOG and I will help you get the best deal in a true sense.Don't get misled by attractive bargains and Hidden charges.



Buy an essential software for your computer at the best price you will ever get.For Rs.99/- Only you
get 3 USER Anti- Virus for 1 year.Can you ask for a better deal.

HURRY, ONLY 4 Hrs Left for the Deal to end!


Baby Bonanza !

64 Product Combos to choose from.Includes some HOT WHEELS Products also which generally are not available on discounts and New born Rocker with Gift packs which is an essential for New born babies these days.

PLEASE FEEL FREE to CONTACT me for any Specific queries and deals on Toys and I'll search the best ones for you.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Amazing discounts on biggest brands.Hurry! Post your comments for any specific queries on particular brands.


Airfare Bargain

       It's raining AIRFARE Bargains! Make my Trip joins in....with better deals!

Offer is on Jet Airways and Jet Connect flights!


AIR FARE Bargains - Jet

Airfare Slashed! Fly for as low as Rs 2500 all inclusive(Free meal on Jet airways (9W) flights).

Jet Airways have slashed fares as low as Rs 2250 all inclusive. Hurry, limited period offer & subject to seats availability.

Use Coupons - Get BEST Price!

One way of getting best price for a particular Product or Service is to use COUPONS which get you Discounts.But to get the best Price you also need to check certain details like the Shipping Charges,Taxes,Coupon charges etc....Put all these into consideration and then decide.Buying on Interest free    and Zero Processing charge EMIs can also be a good option!But only buy what you need and not because it's a deal.

                                     You can post a Query/Ask me about Specific Coupons/Deals.

All School Stuff - For Students/Parents

When it comes to School and Children,It's a never ending expenditure.I use this site regularly to buy stuff for School and Office use.None of the stores in the local markets give you any discounts on Branded products in Stationery,School shoes,Student's stuff etc......
Will keep posting about the site regularly.Buy in lots and keep for your children when they offer Discount coupons or have Sales.I save a lot, Why don't you too.....?At least on the regular stuff and also for gifts etc....
Any Specific Queries.....Feel free to ASK or Leave a comment.

Current Deals:

  • Stationery
  • School Accesories
  • Exam guides/Reference books
  • Selected learning Toys
  • Sports Stuff
  • Kids Decorations
  • The Rs.99/-sale (Plus shipping)
  • Super Saver Deals
Note: Always check the Shipping charges to get the final price.

Gurgaon - Post Your Specific Queries

I will keep posting about Best Deals, Coupons, Discounts etc in Gurgaon.....Post me your specific queries if you have any and I shall try my best to help you.

Home Shop 18 - Super Deals!

 Super Deals - Deals from HomeShop18 that last only for a few hours and sometimes only a few minutes.Today's Deals - Jewellery Combo, Akai Mobile, Laptop Bag, Binoculars.Also see the upcoming Deals.