Thursday, February 21, 2013

Online Shopping TIPS / Precautions ! CARE.

An ardent online shopper myself, I've realized it's not so simple. With the deluge of Online Shopping sites as well as Scamsters in equal doses, one needs to be very careful while shopping online. It's bigger and better all the way, and  if you are sensible and aware, you can save a lot of money !Certain important things to be kept in mind when you are shopping online.......

  • Check and Crosscheck Prices. Even the MRP varies and is inflated/marked up, to make the percentage discount look bigger.
  • Look for Deals across sites and the available Coupons on Coupon sites.
  • Payment methods available and how to make best use of them.(Like EMI's, Credit Cards etc..)
  • Shipping and Return Charges/Policies.
  • Secure Website and Payment Gateway (Encryption is very important)
  • Customer Satisfaction Rating/feedback.
  • Delivery time/Service
  • Avoid using Shared computers/Cybercafes for online transactions (If unavoidable, log out of the site and clear Browsing History, Cookies, Page cache.
  • Never divulge personal account information.
Follow and enjoy the benefits of shopping online.If you have any questions,queries and concerns, please leave you comments below.

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