Friday, March 22, 2013

1 WEEK to Dump your Junk for Discounts/Deals @ BIG BAZAAR!

JUST 1 WEEK to Dump your Junk for Discounts/Deals @ BIG BAZAAR!

Exchange your Junk for Discount coupons to get savings up to 20%.You can exchange all type of products like Newspapers, Plastics, Clothes, Utensils, Tyres, Electronics, Furniture, Shoes, Electronics etc.....

Rates for Your Junk @ Big Bazaar.

  • Old Newspapers @ Rs. 30 / kg,
  • Jeans @ Rs. 200,
  • Doormat & Luggage Rs. 50 / kg,
  • Old Plastics & Glass Bottles @ Rs. 30 / kg,
  • Old Shoes / Footwear @ Rs. 30 / pair &
  • Anything Else @ Rs. 30 / kg.
SuggestionsDon't get overenthusiastic.Remember you have to buy 10 times or 5 times the value of your coupons.Sell junk that you can't sell elsewhere like shoes,tyres,really old clothes.News papers etc should be the last choice and only be exchanged for coupons if you need to buy for certain value.The kabadiwala gives you cash for it,even though it is not Rs.30/kg......Coupons are only valid for certain time period.Make a list of items you need to buy and then get coupons accordingly.

Take Estimate and Get Rs.100 Voucher free

Go to Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2013 Calculator to get Free Rs.100 voucher (Instructions given there)

Offer period from 16th February 2013 to 31st March 2013 at all Big Bazaar stores, Select Food Bazaar and selected Fbb – Fashion @ Big Bazaar Stores.
Exchange Coupons valid till 7th April 2013.
Usage of Exchange Coupons on purchase of Apparel, Plastics, Utensils, Crockery, Home Fashion, Toys, Stationery, Furniture, Footwear, Home Decor products etc... to be 5 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed.
Usage of  Exchange Coupons on purchase of Groceries, Beauty Products, Electronics, Mobiles, Watches, Sunglasses, Diamond Jewellery etc..... to be 10 times the value of the coupon to be redeemed.
Coupons not valid on certain items/products like.....Oil,Ghee,sugar,Gold,SIS(store in store) etc.
See Complete Terms & Conditions on Big Bazaar The Great Xchange 2013 offer before proceeding further.

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